• Caring and Professional
  • Effective and Affordable
  • Medically recognized
  • Acute & chronic problems

I provide caring and professional Osteopathic treatment for both sudden and long-term pain. Treatment is available to people of all ages within a friendly and relaxed environment that allows both patient and practitioner time to fully discuss the multi-faceted aspects that may be causing pain and ill-health. It is for this reason that my appointments last 45 minutes.

My aim is to be effective, and affordable, whilst not undervaluing my 18 years of experience, and continual training. Constantly curious about the body and pain mechanisms I like to view my work as a musculoskeletal detective striving to find and eradicate the cause of your pain and ill health.

I like my patients to become happy and pain-free as quickly as possible and eager to recommend me. Whilst your pain is my income ultimately I prefer not see you too often. Instead I aim to provide you with the skills necessary to maintain your own health, but with the security of knowing I’m here should you need help.

Osteopaths recognise that pain of any type or origin has an impact on all aspects of your life. It stops you doing the things you love, affects sleep, social life, relationships, the ability to interact with your children and can cause serious financial problems if it stops you from working.

The Osteopathic profession is recognised by GPs and insurance companies.

Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners providing pain relief for acute or chronic problems and aiming to provide you with the means to maintain good levels of physical comfort – thereby allowing you to enjoy your home and work life.

No GP referral is necessary, unless required by your health care provider.

My practice works with other therapists to provide the support you need at all stages of your recovery and I am registered with the majority of health care providers should you have insurance.