helen beuschel
Helen graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2003 and has since trained in Medical Acupuncture with the British Medical Acupuncture Society and renowned neurologist Dr Robert Gerwin, plus cranial techniques, ergonomics and Thai Yoga massage. Educating patients in the management of their own condition and avoidance of further problems is fundamental to her approach. She regularly liaises with both Osteopathic colleagues and those in other areas of primary health care to keep up to date with new research.

Diabetes is an area of particular interest and Helen has been involved into research into its management at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Helen's route to Osteopathy included a degree in Biochemistry & Toxicology providing knowledge of the body's metabolic processes at a cellular and chemical level, and 10 years working for BBC Post Production where critical evaluation, fault finding, liasing with management and clients plus a requirement to think on your feet especially during live sport programmes were essential. Both experiences giving skills invaluable for an Osteopath and health care.

10 years on, Osteopathy as a profession continues to delight and inspire her, each patient bringing a new challenge and new information.

In addition to her home practice, the BBC connection continues, as Helen provides osteopathic treatment to BBC staff and contractors, a role she has fulfilled since 2005. She is currently based at New Broadcasting House, having previously been at the recently retired Television Centre.

Outside of Osteopathy Helen also works as a professional photographer, travels the globe as much as patients permit and spends valuable home time with her partner and dog, enjoying long walks and stick throwing.