Canine osteopathy

Canine osteopathy applies the same osteopathic principles to the treatment of your best friend to enable them to live a happy, pain-free life.

Helen is qualified to treat muscle and skeletal problems within dogs. If any more serious pathology is suspected or if manual treatment is not the best approach for your best friend she will refer back to your veterinary surgeon.

Before canine treatment can begin veterinary consent is required. Your dogs vet is their primary health carer and as such they take overall responsibility for your animal. Without this consent osteopathic treatment can not take place.

Helen will liaise closely with your vet throughout the treatment process and as previously stated immediately refer back if any further tests/medication/interventions are required. As with humans nutritional advice may be given, along with easily achievable home and exercise modifications to make your pet more comfortable.

Many pet insurance policies will cover manual therapy so do check with your insurer.

Canine training was undertaken with ‘Animal Osteopathy International’ which provides  internationally recognised courses validated by the European College of Osteopathy

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