Osteopaths provide pain relief and health care to all ages. In possession of a full osteopathic medical training, we are recognised by GPs and insurers.

NICE guidelines for back pain recommend GP’s to offer patients either an exercise programme; referral to a manual therapist such as an Osteopaths and acupuncture [1]. At my practice I provide hands-on treatment both osteopathic and medical acupuncture, exercise programmes and ergonomic advice.

It’s not necessary for you to be experiencing symptoms on the day of treatment, and sometimes it is easier to find the underlying strain patterns in the body when there is less pain to generate a protective response. Most back pain – especially when caused by arthritis – is more easily treated before it becomes severe, so think prevention as much as cure.

No GP referral is necessary.

Contrary to popular belief Osteopaths do not only treat backs nor do we only deal with bones. We treat conditions occurring throughout the whole body where problems within the musculoskeletal systems may cause problems.

I work closely in conjunction with GPs, specialists and other practitioners to ensure you are as comfortable and well as you can be.



Commonly treated conditions include:

  • back and neck pain (acute and chronic)
  • sciatica
  • postural problems
  • minor sporting injuries e.g. tennis/golfers elbow, shin splints
  • muscle and joint deterioration
  • restricted mobility and occupational ill-health
  • nerve pain
  • arthritic pain
  • headaches arising from the neck, and migraine prevention
  • shoulder & elbow problems where they arise from the back &/or neck
  • frozen shoulder
  • digestive problems

These are examples – for more information contact us. We don't just do backs!
what we treat